Thom Thomas-Watkins

Composer, Sonic Designer, Post Production, Mix Engineer and Guitarist

London born and fled when a teen to the countryside where the fascination of music and sound took hold. Formally trained by some of Dorest's finest musicians and went on to hone and practice the art in Bristol for 12 years. Now residing in Devon balancing health and productivity.

I founded Wavetale to unify all the disciplines required to produce excellent sounds and music for all it's destinations.
Really pleased with how far Wavetale has come with multiple syncs on BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 shows, contributing to award winning commercials and mixing a wide range of films for good causes. Here's to making more creative connections and creating something special together.

I also release music under my alter-ego Panther Cap

When we need to call in extra hands 

that are always professionallovely to work withdelivering the goods

Seona Pritchard

Viola & Violin

Alex Pearson

Double & Electric Bass

Rachel Llewellyn-Jones

Saxophone & Clarinet

Murray Benjamin

Composer, Arranger, Trumpet & Pianos

Edward Hipkins

Composer, Sonic Designer & Drums