Expanding Context and subtext
to film and stories

Established audio production house delivering every discipline of sound since 2010



Sophisticated bespoke music carefully crafted and professionally produced to articulate your project sonically


Sound Design

Highly indicate and detailed creative sound design made with cutting edge tools and creative minds     

Broadcast Mixing

The balancing act of many layers bringing them together with sensitivity and lifting them to broadcast levels



Thom Watkins

Composer & sound designer

Murray Benjamin

Composer & arranger

Edward Hipkins

Composer & SOUND Designer


Seona Pritchard

Viola & violin

Alex Pearson

Double & Electric Bass

Rachel Llewellyn-Jones

Saxophone & Clarinet

Why Us?


We've made this our lives work.
Our curiosity and dedication has blessed (and cursed) us with exceptional critical listening.


Investing in the latest tools and instruments for complete control of the production.


While the waves are crashing we keep calm. We ensure the pressure dial doesn't stop us being lovely to work with.

In good company


Weekly Tales

CMA 2022 – Best Individual Video! 🏆

Back in 2021 I had the pleasure to be part of the Dialect, Inc. team to sprinkle some audio magic on Logitech G’s “Keep Playing Anthem” a.k.a “Roll Out The Gaming Matt” video. It was shortlisted by the Content Marketing Awards 2022 for Best Individual Video and we only went…

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We’re not designed to sit in chairs…

In many cultures around the world we’re placed in a chair from an early age for long hours everyday. This comes with it’s issues, especially as you age and continue sitting for long hours at a desk or on the sofa or driving seat. It changes the shape of our…

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Sound is half the picture…or is it?

They say “sound is half the picture”. That might be the composers of old claiming a stake in a new emerging Hollywood but if either are played without either present, it can feel odd and bereft of a layer it’s been carefully crafted to snuggle with. I started picking apart…

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