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A young immigrant returns back to the city of his forgotten love to find out he has a son.

Written & directed by Güni Koçak


Ramsgate International Film Festival ***Winner Jury Award***

Portobello Film Festival *Nominated Best Short Film Drama

International Short Film Festival Karlsruhe *Nominated Best Actor

TheModCon Film Festival
Largo Film Festival
The Open Door Film Festival
IndieCrete Film Festival
Unrestricted View Film Festival
London International Short Film Festival
Golden Sun Film Festival
Equality Film Fest
Limelight Film Festival
London Turkish Film Festival
International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival

Jessica Jay, Oliver Hall, Stanley Warbrick, Andrea De Santis, George Savvides, Anwen Bull & Güni Koçak

Director of Photography – Michael Spry
Edited by Scott Clements
Original Music by Thom Thomas-Watkins
Costume Designer – Ellen Rey De Castro
Production Designer – Samuel Smudger
Make-up Artist – Chloe Gaites
CGI – Mihai Coman
Color Grading – Yannis Tsakiridis

“The pacing of the drama was really well handled. Creating a sense of sadness and regret. We felt the history of these people even without seeing them together. The difficulties of relationships and life in a foreign country. Really nice cinematography score and naturalistic performances.” – The Open Door Short Film Showcase Team.

“Orhan is a nicely acted ensemble piece, though it’s clearly centered around Günalp Koçak’s leading turn as a man whose slow-building tension is palpable and compelling […] Orhan is a dark film that carries an aura of melancholy in nearly every minute of its just over 14-minute running time. The film’s original music, courtesy of Thom Thomas-Watkins, is sparse yet effective while Michael Spry’s lensing is particularly effective in building the film’s atmosphere.” – The Independent Critic [Richard Propes]

“Ohan is a strong character piece that drives itself forward through effective writing and accomplished film making skills and techniques. The performances are admirable and provide excellent characterizations that hold the audiences attention.” – Largo Film Awards