Mix and additional sound

Commerical to promo the 2021 Logitech G Challenge eSports race series

Client – Logitech G
Agency – Dialect

Exec Producers – George Walter, David Boddington, Ben Healy, Stephen Pierce

Creative – George Walter, Louise Bray, Paul Stevenson
Producers – Louise Bray, Paul Stevenson
Shoot Producer – Louise Bray

DP, Director – Paul Stevenson
Shot on Red Gemini – 5K FF

Gaffer – Tom Martin
Key Grip – Jake Pope

DIT/ AC – Molly Richmond

Design Director – Dylan Channon
Production Design – Paul Stevenson
Art Director – Nagea Rose
Art assistants – Kath Russell, Mac Warran-Sanders, George Cheshire, Ellen Causey

Hair & Makeup – Naomi Lake
Styling – Stephen Pierce

PC Tech – Mac Warran-Sanders

Production Coordinator – Kath Russell

Edit & colour – Paul Stevenson

Studios – Band Studios
Band Studios – Pete Martin, Tom Martin